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Premium skidless yoga towel
Model number: 201341862417
FOB price: $4.9 ~ $12.9
Port: Shanghai
Minimum Order: 35pcs ~ 500pcs
Supply Ability: 50000pcs/month
Payment Term: T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Delivery Time: 20~25 days
Premium skidless yoga towel with silicone nubs

- material: 80% polyester & 20% polyamide
- size: 183x61cm, fit for yoga mat size
- color: custom color or our standard colors

This yoga towel is not only does it prevent slipping on your yoga mat, it stabilizes your practice, it puts a hygienic layer between you and the yoga mat, easy to care for, is quick drying and is perfect for the traveling fitness enthusiast.

- Soft feeling, highly absorbent, light weight and durable.
- Instant sweat absorption, more safe more enjoyment with yoga.
- Enables a non-slip, steadier yoga practice.
- Avoid breathing close to the smell of yoga mat, yoga mat to remove the body and direct contact with plastic to keep breathing freely, physical and mental pleasure.
- Extra long, fully cover the yoga mat.
- Puts a hygienic layer between you and the yoga mat.
- Easy care – washablility and tumble dry to practice yoga in public to avoid and others to share the yoga mat.

- Sport field including YOGA, PILATE, and gymnastics so on.
- On top of your yoga mat while you are doing yoga. If you find yourself sweating so much that you are slipping off your yoga mat, a yoga towel can be a simple solution.
- Yoga towels will allow you to relax and focus on your practice without worrying about slipping off your yoga mat if you get too sweaty.

- Yoga towel should be the same size as your yoga mat to prevent slipping, and to not take up too much room if you are in a class with a number of other people.
- 61x173cm, or 61x183cm, T2mm wide enough, long enough, thick enough, the international brand standard.